12 days Uganda Self Drive Safari
Family vacation Through EastAfrica $70/day
Drive your own adventure with your family through Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania in our 4x4 Toyota Prado
Land Cruiser TZ/TX, Pop-up roof, From $70
Land Cruiser TZ, Very Strong Petrol Engine, CC3340, Automatic Transmission, for 3 persons + driver
Rooftop Tent Land Cruiser GX From $90/day
4 Window seats, Manual transmission, Diesel Engine, Air-conditioned, suitable for couples and family vacation across East Africa
Self Drive Rental - East Africa @$90
Explore beautiful Kenya & Tanzania wildlife and sandy beaches from US$90 per day.
Roof Top Tent Jeeps + Fridge (USD80/Day)
This is suitable for 2 - 4 persons. Extra top tent available on request from US$80/Day including a fridge.
Rooftop Tent Land Cruiser V8
This is a 5 seater Land cruiser V8, with a rooftop tent, suitable for self drive and camping safari across East Africa.
Riverside camping
7 Seater Safari Land cruiser from USD170 per day with a Driver

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For Cheap Car Rentals in Uganda Kampala, Entebbe, Kigali, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam

4x4 Car hie with driver in UgandaAll our 4×4 cars are in perfect mechanical condition, comprehensively insured, and air-conditioned. We offer 24-hour road assistance and free delivery to Entebbe Airport and hotels around Kampala and Entebbe. We assist you with hotel reservations, gorilla trekking, and Chimpanzee permits. For camping safari in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, or Tanzania, we have clean camping equipment with portable bush-tents and roof-top tents for fantastic road trips in Uganda.

Huge discounts are available for long-term rental. Our Fleet includes cars like 4×4 Toyota Prado with pop-up roof, Toyota Rav4, Land Cruiser V8, GX, Root Top Tents, Nissan Safari, Super custom, Overland trucks, and Mini-vans. We provide all documents to allow you to cross International Borders to Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Below are some of our top 4×4 cars for hire in Uganda and beyond.

Top 4×4 Rentals in East Africa (Road Trips to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi)

3 DoorToyota Rav4 (From $35)

Rav4 Short Chassis, 3 Door for hire
Rav4 Short Chassis is available from US$35 per day, recommended for 1-2 persons with their luggage. You can explore almost all Uganda Parks on a self-drive safari with our 3 door Rav4 (Short chassis) See More

5 Door Toyota Rav4 (From $45)

Rav4 self-drive Hire UgandaVery good for a self-drive safari in Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya, and Tanzania at the best prices on the market, available in both Manual & Automatic transmission, air-conditioned, low fuel consumption from US$45 per day.

Prado – Pop-up Roof ($70)

Prado with Pop-up Roof for hire
Available with 1KZ diesel engine 3.0 Turbo and Petrol engine 2700cc and 3340cc Engines, both Manual and Automatic Transmissions, fully air-conditioned, with a Pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing while on your safari in Uganda and Beyond.

Pop-up Land Cruiser V8 ($90)

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 with Pop-up roof - self drive
Pop-up Land cruiser V8 with pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing, air-conditioned, petrol engine 4770cc, automatic transmission, model 2008, recommended for 2-5 persons, very strong, reliable and can go anywhere in Africa.

Pop-up Land Cruiser VX/GX ($80)

4x4 Land Cruiser GX for hire with a Driver/Guide
Perfect for a self-drive safari in Uganda and beyond, available in Manual and Automatic transmissions, with a 1HZ diesel engine. Like all our cars, the Land cruiser VX and GX are fully insured, air-conditioned, unlimited mileage.

9 Seater Min-van ($80)

We have Toyota Super Custom and Hiace Van, available in Manual and Automatic transmission, air-conditioned, with pop-up roof, suitable for groups and family Roadtrips in Uganda and Beyond. Our Vans have raised suspension to enable you to drive anywhere in East Africa.

2 Pax Roof Top Tent (From US$95)

4x4 Jeep with RoofTop tentWe have Toyota Prado and Land cruiser V8 or GX with a double rooftop tent for 2 persons (Double rooftop tent), comes comprehensive insurance, 24-hour road assistance, unlimited mileage with full camping, and a fridge.

Two Roof Top tents (From $90)

Campint Family Trip, Land cruiser with 2 top tentsWe have Toyota Land cruisers with 2 Rooftop tents recommended for families of up to 5 persons. Jeeps recommended for 2 top tents include Land cruiser Hardtop, Vx, GX, V8, and Nissan Safari or Patrol. Even a Prado can do it.

Family Roof Top Tent (From $95)

Land cruiser with a family TentEnjoy a family camping roadtrip around Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania in one of our strong jeeps (4×4 Land cruisers)  with a Family rooftop tent for 4 persons, offered with a full camping gear & fridge

4×4 Nissan Safari $70

4x4 Nissan Safari - Car Rental UgandaAnother Monster is available for self-drive tours in East Africa. The 4×4 Nissan safari is an automatic transmission, air-conditioned, 4200cc diesel engine, model 1994, well maintained, in perfect condition to all you explore our part of the world.

5 Seater Family Jeep($160)

Land cruiser Hardtop - 5 seater with driver.
This type of jeep (Land cruiser) has 6 window seats including the driver. It is air-conditioned, comprehensively insured, with a pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing.

7 Seater Family Jeep ($180)

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop, Extended, perfect for a family Roadtrip in East Africa, comes with a fridge, unlimited mileage, driver, and air-conditioned. This is suitable for group tours in Uganda and beyond.

Overland Trucks for Hire in East Africa Road Trips

Overland trucks for hire in East Africa

Over-landing Truck for hire in East Africa

4×4 Uganda has got a modern fleet for overland trucks for hire on an overland trip in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and beyond. Our fleet of fully equipped overland trucks includes Scania, Isuzu, Man and Tata, ideal for Africa overland camping safaris. Read More>>

Why Rent A Car With 4×4 Uganda?

Our 4×4 rental cars are well maintained and regularly serviced by professionals to avoid any inconveniences while on your road trip around East Africa. Since 2004, we are in the self-drive car rental business in Uganda and Rwanda! Our experts fully inspect and test our cars before and after every road trip. Our professionals listen to the car and deal with any car maintenance problems immediately. We are alert for changes in performance, sounds, and visual tip-offs that indicate service or repairs may be needed. And after your road trip, you can drop the car at our offices, airport or hotel. Delivery to Entebbe Airport or hotels around Kampala is free.

Toyota Prado with Pop-up roof

Toyota Prado with Pop-up roof

How do we prevent problems from happening while on a Self-drive Roadtrip?

The best way to ensure trouble-free motoring for years and years is to develop a habit of regularly checking under the bonnet and around the car. Three things we check regularly: (1) Check engine oil/coolant/brake/clutch/windscreen washer fluid levels, (2) Check tire pressure including spare, (3) In parking, walk around the car checking all lights and indicators are operating.

Cross Border & One Way Rental: Rent It Here, Leave it There

4×4 Uganda offers cross-border and one-way rental services. You can cross the international boarder with the rental vehicle to neighboring countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Ethiopia, DR Congo, and Burundi among others. We provide you with all the necessary documents to allow you to cross from one country to another with the rental car.

Regarding the one-way rental system (Rent it here, leave it there), you can hire a vehicle in one destination and drop it in another destination agreed upon. A fee applies depending on where you are dropping off the hired car. Check for our car rental locations>>



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